Spotify Takes on Amazon’s Audible, Launches 300,000 Audiobooks for US Users

Music streaming giant Spotify Technology S.A. launched on Tuesday its audiobook service for U.S. consumers after its acquisition of global audiobook distributor Findaway back in June.
The Swedish company has made over 300,000 audiobooks available on a pay-per-download basis, from independent authors to major publishers, challenging the U.S.’s largest audiobook service Audible of Amazon Inc.
Users will be able to browse the catalog on the Spotify app and purchase through the website, similar to the purchase of a Spotify subscription, the company said.
Spotify is also currently battling Apple over its in-app purchase policy, over time it will direct users to buy audiobooks through a web browser rather than in-app, meaning Apple won’t get up to a 30 percent commission on downloads….

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