Poilievre Pushes for Tax Hike Cancellations During First Question Period as Leader

Pierre Poilievre pushed for cancellations of the Liberals’ carbon tax increases and Canada Pension Plan contribution hikes today during his first House of Commons question period as leader of the Conservative party.
“Housing prices have doubled. Grocery prices are at their highest inflation rate in 40 years. Canadians just aren’t able to pay. Will the Prime Minister cancel these tax increases on seniors and workers?” said Poilievre on Sept. 20.
“Previously, Canadians could pay for their housing with 32 percent of their paycheque, but that’s gone up to 50 percent,” he added.
On Sept. 13, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the Liberals’ new inflation-relief measures that included a one-time top-up of $500 to the Canada Housing Benefit for those who spend at least 30 percent of their incomes on rent and also a doubling of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) credit for six months….

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