PayPal Shuts Down Free Speech Union and The Daily Sceptic Accounts

PayPal has demonetised the account of the Free Speech Union, a British organisation that defends people who have lost work and been cancelled for expressing opinions.
The U.S. online payments system PayPal has closed the account of the Free Speech Union (FSU) as well as the news and opinion site The Daily Sceptic without a clear explanation, a move which their founder Toby Young called “a new low.”
Non-Conformist Views
“This feels like an escalation in the ongoing war against free speech by Big Tech. It’s one thing to shut down and demonetise accounts for expressing non-conformist views, that’s nothing new, unfortunately. But in this case, PayPal has shut down the account of an organisation that defends people who express non-conformist views. That’s a new low,” Young told The Epoch Times in an email….

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