Liberals’ Internet Regulation Bill Constitutes a ‘Power Grab Over Human Communications’: Former CRTC Commissioner

The Liberals’ bill to regulate internet content would constitute government overreach into the everyday activities of Canadians, says a former CRTC commissioner, who called the scope of Bill C-11 “absurd” and a “power grab over human communications.”
“We oppose C-11 because it embodies a fundamentally illiberal idea of communications, because it constitutes a vast overreach of governmental authority, and because it threatens the engine of innovation and economic growth, which is the internet,” said Timothy Denton while testifying before the Senate communications committee on Sept. 14, as first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter.
“It is a general power grab over human communication across the internet and therefore deserves our distinct disdain,” said Denton, who is now chairman of the Internet Society Canada chapter….

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