Britt's Heart Transplant

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My 37 y.o. niece has already had several open heart procedures. Now, they've started prepping for a transplant in LA.




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Help us help Brittany Encinias Going to LA for a transplant Stay is estimated for up to 4 months. Family needs lodging so we can support Brittany. Mom's loss of income Lodging, food and travel will add up to a lot. Here's the story: 01/14/2022 was her first massive heart attack. 5 stents were placed. 04/18/2022 due to massive heart disease, quadruple bypass and 2 artery graphs. 06/18/2022 three more stents were inserted. Now the heart disease has taken over the whole heart. Transplant in Southern California is the only fix. All of the procedures were performed at St. Agnes Hospital in Fresno, CA. Venmo: @Tom-Bludau  
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