Conservatives May Support Part of the Liberal Government’s Affordability Plan on GST

The federal Conservatives opened the door on Wednesday to supporting part of the Liberal government’s affordability plan in one of their first moves with Pierre Poilievre as the new party leader.
Tory MPs used their first caucus meeting since Parliament resumed sitting this week to discuss the proposal, which includes the first phase of a dental-care plan and the temporary doubling of GST credits.
The Liberal government tabled two bills on Tuesday that would put about $4.5 billion towards measures to help Canadians deal with the rising costs associated with inflation. 
At first blush last week, Poilievre slammed the affordability package as nothing more than reckless government spending, which could risk worsening inflation — a criticism the Liberals rejected as false, saying the measures are targeted to help those who are most in need and don’t have savings to dip into to guard against cost increases….

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