Australian Farmers Cheesed Off at Qantas Use of Foreign Produce

Farmers have criticised Qantas for serving foreign-sourced cheese and crackers aboard its flights.
However, the Flying Kangaroo has hit right back, saying the claim is misinformed.
New South Wales (NSW) Farmers chief executive Peter Arkle said serving New Zealand-produced snacks to Qantas passengers was “hardly in the spirit of Australia.”
“The cheese isn’t from an Australian dairy farm, the crackers aren’t made of Australian wheat, and we would really like to see them backing Australian families,”Arkle told AAP.
He said it was disappointing to see foreign produce offered when NSW growers were great supporters of the airline.
“The Qantas brand promise is so intimately tied to the Australian identity, we think it would be the right thing for Qantas to support Australian grain produce where that’s possible,” Arkle said….

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